Welcome to the Connectivity Coalition

The Connectivity Coalition accelerates internet inclusion for the betterment of humanity. In an open and collaborative effort, organizations’ experts work to expand the impact of internet inclusion projects around the world by building local engineering capacity and connecting with other specialized skill sets, such as financing and policy education.

The Coalition complements and helps bolster the work of many local internet connectivity initiatives and projects by providing information, experience, talent, and resources to catalyze internet connectivity projects, so they become sustainable and “owned” by the local communities.

4 billion people
remain unconnected
to the internet.

“In some countries, people may have to spend up 50% of their incomes to go online… cost is just one barrier to overcome in addition to skills, education and infrastructure, and having policy frameworks in place.”

Sonia Jorge, Alliance for Affordable Internet

Internet inclusion in action

Successful, life-transforming connectivity projects can be amplified across continents if crucial, common gaps are addressed, such as technical/practitioner talent on the ground where connectivity is lacking, effective and sustainable capacity and skills development, understanding around policy, financing, best practices—as well as the value of connectivity.

The Coalition addresses these gaps to take successful internet inclusion projects around the world to greater scale and for sustainability.

Coalition Partner Stories


Thanks to proliferation of low-cost smartphones, prepaid mobile phones, inexpensive recharging and new SIM (subscriber identification module) cards available for less than half a dollar.


Where large-scale telecommunications service providers have been unwilling to invest in rolling out offerings, low-cost, opensource GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) base stations extend access.


A coalition of private sector, public sector and civil society organizations has worked to make internet access more affordable by better utilizing white spaces and enabling more innovative uses of wireless spectrum.


In spite of a ratio of unconnected people to connected that is higher than worldwide, the country has success in delivering e-education and e-health in its hilly and remote areas via IEEE 802.11™ “Wi-Fi®” networks.


A holistic project to 1) simplify services through rollout of an eGovernment platform 2) create an innovation district to support the country’s digital ecosystem 3) deploy telecom infrastructure to connect schools, hospitals, police stations, and other public institutions.


Guifi.net is a free telecommunications community network based on a commons model. “The development of this common-pool infrastructure eases the access to quality, fair-priced telecommunications in general and broadband Internet connections in particular, for everybody.”


The 85th country to join the Eduroam (for “education roaming”) secure, wireless network, connecting people around the world beyond university campuses to support global mobility for more academics, students and researchers.

Founding Partners

The Coalition helps to mobilize resources across its participants to meet the technical and skills/capacity building need of identified projects.

  • Divon Lan
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • Deepak Maheshwari

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The Connectivity Coalition is marshaling collective energies across leading global organizations to drive tangible progress in internet inclusion. We invite the global community of engineers, scientists, industry leaders, policy experts and others to apply their knowledge, skills and resources through the Coalition.

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